The Value We Bring to Your Business

How long can you continue to absorb yearly increases to your health plan without any power to do anything about it? It’s a major business problem that can’t be solved by accepting the lowest priced insurance renewal that was undoubtedly higher than your current costs. Your health plan is likely your second most expensive line item in your budget, and you’ve been told that you have no control over it. That’s simply not true. You can control it if you dare to see things differently. You have a Supply Chain Management problem that can’t be fixed with an “insurance solution”. You need to approach your health plan just like any other large expense within your business plan. You need to learn how to free up cash flow from your plan and reallocate it to other priorities. Your current broker can’t accomplish that by just pedaling another insurance carrier product year after year that causes you to overspend in an area you can barely afford. It won’t solve your business problem. The cost of inaction is piling up. It’s time for a 20-minute conversation with me to learn how you can apply business principles to your employee benefits offering that you already use with other operating expenses. And your company size doesn’t matter. Whether you employ 2, or 2,000 this approach works. I guarantee it. Call me at (815) 742-2066

Terry Shook, RHU, CEBS, President of Primum Risk Strategies, Inc. has 40+ years of employee benefits and commercial insurance experience as a highly accomplished and innovative benefits executive with extensive leadership expertise in sales, sales strategy, business development, marketing, product development and management, and benefits platform development, working with a wide range of employers from small businesses to major national employers. He helped build an Illinois-licensed Health Insurance Company for a regional health system and has provided strategy consulting to a top five national health insurance carrier. He has created and executed innovative customer/provider engagement strategies, and constructed Group Medicare programs for a major carrier including building a comprehensive product portfolio. Terry has also developed a digitally based sales channel for small employers for a leading Blue Cross plan. His numerous professional successes and opportunities spanning over four decades have provided a far-reaching diverse background and unique expertise in all aspects of employee benefits and commercial insurance strategy.  You won't find a more distinctively qualified firm to transform your business insurance needs into a competitive business advantage. Terry continues to be inspired by discovering opportunities to disrupt the current marketplace and dare to see things differently within the employee benefits and commercial risk management fields.
Terry earned the Registered Health Underwriter designation from the American College, Bryn Mawr, PA. in 2000 and completed the Certified Employee Benefit Specialist program from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania in 2001. He is also a Certified Health Value Advisor conferred by The Validation Institute.