Primum Risk Strategies, Inc.

Looking to reduce your Employee Health Care Costs and Improve Your Benefit Plan?

*An Employee Benefits Advisory Firm with FULL TRANSPARENCY and without any conflicts of interest.
* Completely supporting the Employer's ERISA-defined fiduciary obligations & responsibilities.
*Guaranteed to reduce spend and improve your employee benefits through a performance-based agreement. We put our fees at risk for our results.
*80+ years of combined insurance carrier and hospital/health system executive leadership.
*An unapparelled partnership serving employers of all sizes in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

An Unapparelled Partnership Serving Employers in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin 

If you provide employer-sponsored health care, you need to know about this

PRIMUM: A Latin word meaning "first", or "beginning with..."

Whether you're a large, medium or small employer we can help you regain control of your employee plan without bankrupting your employees with out-of-pocket expenses. We are the first - and only - employee benefits firm where the two Principals have overfour decades of direct executive - level experience in both the Insurance Carrier and Hospital/Clinic/Health System fields with the ability to bring insight to cost and access of health care like no other firm can.  We'll show you how to avoid the status quo pitfalls in traditional health plans and lower your health care costs while simultaneously improving your benefit design so that your employees can get needed health care without going broke. Sound impossible? That's because the status quo broker and insurance carrier industries tell you it can't be done. Time to stop listening to them and start talking with us. We guarantee results with our strategy - with no additional financial risk on your part. We'll put our fees at risk to prove it.  Here are some things you should know:

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