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Primum Risk Strategies, Inc. is a fee-only firm. We do not accept commission or remuneration from any insurance carrier, ancillary benefits company, or service vendor. In cases where the carrier or service vendor builds in required broker commission into a product we will fully disclose such arrangements and reduce our fee commensurately. We firmly believe that product-driven commissions create a conflict of interest between all parties and promote inappropriate incentives that could disrupt our overall mission – providing sound, unbiased advice to our employer/customers. Working with us on a fee-only basis does not mean paying more for your benefit plan. It means that we will always work in your best interest and will not be influenced by the personal financial enticements of insurance companies and service vendors. With more than 40+  years of experience in the Health Insurance Carrier environment we know all the secrets of how they profit at your expense while providing no additional value. We can guide you in a different direction that lowers costs and improves your employee benefit plan. What would it mean to your company if we reduced your health plan spend by a third? What would it mean to your employees if you could remove all out-of-pocket costs for most planned health services? We can help you accomplish both without increasing your financial risk. The health system is stacked against you. We’ll help you discover alternative tactics to produce more transparency to health care costs so you can better manage them and create better designed plan options that are affordable for you and your employees
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