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Primum Risk Strategies, Inc. is a fee-only firm. We do not accept commission or remuneration from any insurance carrier, ancillary benefits company, or service vendor. In cases where the carrier or service vendor builds in required broker commission into a product we will fully disclose such arrangements and reduce our fee commensurately. We firmly believe that product-driven commissions create a conflict of interest between all parties and promote inappropriate incentives that could disrupt our overall mission – providing sound, unbiased advice to our employer/customers. You'll want to talk to us long before the chaos of trying to deal with your renewal. It can take weeks to months of research and hard work to successfully rebuild a health or commercial plan to make it truly game changing. (We can provide a separate short term service if you're seeking an unbiased objective review of your benefits package renewal, even if you're working with another brokerage firm.) We believe that choosing your benefits and business risk advisor should not be influenced by product offerings during the renewal process. It takes more than the lowest auctioned renewal price to make a difference. Instead we hope you engage us for the guidance we'll bring that will positively impact your bottom line and your entire business.
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