We're Not What You Think We Are

We’d like to explain what we do. But first, let’s tell you what we don’t do. Let’s start by pointing out we’re not health insurance brokers. We don’t go out and gather a bunch of quotes from insurance companies and put all the info in an Excel spread sheet so you can compare who’s the best (of the worst). Frankly, in this digital age you can easily do that yourself. We don’t get paid commissions from insurance companies and secretly provide a recommendation based on which company will pay us the most. We only get paid by the employers who hire us to reduce their health care spend and improve their benefits plan. And it’s typically less than your insurance company is paying your broker – which is built into your premium, so you actually pay for the commissions anyway. We don’t just visit you when it’s time for a renewal. Your insurance carrier and your broker have a business model aimed at increasing revenue. Our business model is different. Our model reduces cost and improves quality of care. And we put our fees at risk if we don’t deliver results. It’s much more than tweaking your deductibles, co-pays, and comparing health insurance carriers. And the best news is that you don’t have to wait until your next renewal to learn how to do this. We’ll help learn how to eliminate that rate increase you were handed at the first of the year.

Here are the things we do:
The Problems we Solve.
We help employers align their employee health plan with their business strategy so that it transforms into a competitive advantage instead of a financial burden. We integrate important key aspects of how the health plan supports recruitment and retention, employee satisfaction, strategic business growth and profitability, company culture, and employee safety and outcomes from the health care they receive. We reduce your health spend while making your health plan a valuable business asset. 
How we Solve Them.
We use tools and tactics (not found with traditional health insurance brokers) to create a unique health plan strategy that significantly reduces health care expense to allow re-allocation of Health Plan Overspend to other budget priorities on your company Balance Sheet and enhance the benefit plan structure to reduce employee out-of-pocket costs. We apply the same supply chain management tactics you use with other large purchases in your business to your health plan in order to control the cost and quality of the health care your employees receive. But first we work together to understand your business. We need to know your business strategy. What are your goals, your challenges, and your company culture? How does your employee health plan support your goals both financially and strategically? These things are important because our solutions are only relevant when we understand your long-term outlook of your business. Because your health plan should support your long-term goals.

Year after year you make the same attempt to reduce your health plan renewal increase by using the same status quo approach and hoping for a different outcome. It’s time to take another approach to dare to see things differently. Now is the moment to invest the time to learn how you can change the never-ending renewal increases – long before your next renewal, when it will probably be too late to have an impact on the next plan year costs. No matter what size employer you are you have nothing to lose and much to gain by starting a no obligation conversation with us today. Give us a call or click the button below to set up a brief initial discussion to learn how to see things differently.