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The Truth about the "System"

Is our Health Care System Broken? It depends on who you ask. Health care spending has risen over 146% since the inception of the Affordable Care Act. Also consider that Health Care corporate revenue has increased 90% during that same time. And health insurance premiums more than doubled in the first four years of the Act. As a Presidential Candidate, Barack Obama told us that our Health Insurance costs would decrease $2500 under his plan. But as we know, that didn’t happen.
Milliman, the world renown Actuarial firm released a study indicating that due to the pandemic, delaying and avoidance of health care procedures will decrease, payers (health insurance carriers) costs between $75 Billion and $325 Billion. Did you still get an increase on your 01/01/2022 benefits renewal?
The fact is the U.S. Health Care system is not broken. It was made that way to benefit the hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and all other entities that receive revenue from the system and do not contribute any value to improving and reducing the cost of health care.
As an employer the system is stacked against you. But there are steps you can take to begin to reverse the never-ending Merri-Go-Round of increasing health plan costs. And I can show you how. After spending 30 years on the health insurance carrier side of the equation I’ve learned how to beat them at their own games. (Full disclosure: I helped create some of those games.) Whether you have 2, or 2,000 employees we can help you build a strategy of reducing your annual benefits cost, instead of trying to mitigate the annual increase.(Sound Familiar?) Give us call to begin a no-obligation conversation.


The Facts

As an employer who needs to reduce costs and still attract and retain the best team of employees available there are a few simple facts about Employee Benefits:
1. You are in the health care business - even if involuntarily.
2. Employee Benefits are a competitive advantage, integral to your business success and continuity.
3. Employee Benefit costs need to be managed as a business unit.
4. Meaningful actionable steps can be taken to reduce the rising cost of employee benefits AND improve employee satisfaction and engagement.
5. Whether you employ 2 or 2,000 we can help you.