Whether you employ 2 or 2,000 we approach your challenges in the very same manner. Our approach is methodical, analytical, and professional. Our goal is to lead you on an intentional journey to discover how you can improve your benefits offering and Commercial Risk program while reducing the ever-increasing costs. Give us a call at (815) 742-2066 for a free assessment and to answer any of your questions.

Ongoing Engagement

  If you’re really serious about getting off the renewal rate increase carousel it’s going to take some time and commitment. You’ll need to take control of the plan just as if it were any other business segment in your company. You’ll have to take back control from the insurance carriers and PPO networks. But you’ll find it worthwhile when we help you rethink how you manage your employee health plan. We’ll help you reduce your costs and reduce deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs your employees can’t afford. Together we’ll explore tools and tactics to better manage the cost of Prescription Drugs, help you only pay for care that works, and make sure your employees have access to the best doctors and hospitals available. This process is more than comparing all the insurance companies at renewal to see who offers the smallest increase from the year before. We have decades of Insurance Carrier experience from the inside. No one knows that game better than us. We’ll lead you through a better process with results no one else will offer.

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It's Renewal Time. Looking for an Unbiased Second Opinion?

It’s renewal time and you’re being bombarded with sales pitches and suggestions on what and how to change your Group Health plan to improve the coverage, or just to do something to cut the ever-increasing costs. You have a lot to consider and little time to make decisions. We can help. We can provide a short-term consulting service for slightly less than one half of one percent of your annual benefits spend. Our service is provided without any incentive to sell a product or place your business with a specific carrier or vendor. And it doesn't matter if you're working with another broker/consultant. Our "Second Opinion" service is independent of your current broker arrangement. We’ll provide the following:
• Quickly work with you to understand the specifics of your renewal objectives.
• Provide experienced support and input in analyzing all components and choices for insurance carriers and program vendors.
• Attend Leadership team and Vendor meetings & presentations as requested.
• Provide expert analysis and recommendations to help you make the right changes to meet your renewal objectives.
Typically, we provide this service within a 30 – 60-day window of your renewal date. While it may take more time, our fee is fixed and will not increase.

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